What am I good at?

In planning my project I’m seeing a need to give careful and objective consideration to my skills and weaknesses. It doesn’t seem logical to set a trajectory for my game, into an area that I can’t hope to accompany it.

So here’s the shortlist (keeping in mind that there are definitely people out there who can do all of these better, but lets just agree that it’s all relative, right?!)

I can (do the following reasonably well):

  • Create structured plans and approach a problem logically. (Yep. I can be so organised that you wouldn’t even recognise me, family and friends reading this!)
  • I can write.
  • I can code.
  • I can think outside the square.
  • Music!

I can’t (do any of the following at all well):

  • Draw.
  • Sketch.
  • Design Layouts.
  • Ok. So basically I don’t do visual things.

Looking at this list here, I’ve been adjusting my thoughts and initial approach to doing an RPG. When I think RPG, I think; Final Fantasy, Suikoden, Baldur’s Gate, Wild Arms, Chrono Trigger. Anyway, I could keep going but what would be the point? Most of us have our own idea of what RPG means or a specific game or two that spring to mind. For me it always meant, little digital people wandering around on a screen where action was interspersed with puzzles and NPC interactions.

But how about taking a step away from the modern traditions of RPG in their video game format and think about the more long standing traditions in role-playing game? Why not think about text only? I was going to plan this out, do research and consider the impact of this decision on the potential success of my game; but a colleague suggested the following quote to help in my planning stages.

Don’t aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally. – David Frost.

I want this game to leave room for the reader/player to add their own ingenuity into the mix, to build characters using my words and their imagination, to be part of a world that can only exist if both sides of the equation are committed.

I guess the right decision is the one the feels right, even when you’re not thinking about it and isn’t a struggle when you do.

TL;DR. Not so good at visual things. Good at planning things and word things, see? Helpful colleagues have suggested that a labour of love would be most appropriate – so it’s going to be a text-based game. Onwards!