No e-hoarding.

There are rooms to see and walk in and out of and people inside those rooms. Tonight I plan to do two things, and it’s an expectation that this may be two sittings not one. The two things are:

  1. Add items or drops to my rooms/cells.
  2. Talk to the NPCs.
  3. Look around the cell further.

These things have me considering a few things:

  1. Items – how to track whether they’ve been used? how does the user store them? there’s definitely a limit, but what is it and how is it determined?
  2. Talk to NPCs – what do I say to them? is it a numbered chat where I choose from set options? is there some free text (I’d love this – but I feel like it would explode my brain)?
  3. Look around – as a player, what other commands might I expect to have? what would I expect to see? how far away can I see?

The first two are my plan and the third is what I’ll do next if I happen to smash those out in no time.

Back soon!

TL;DR – Please see the first list items one and two.