Where to start?!

I’m going to write a game. Good, bad or indifferent I am going to write it. Start to finish with stumbles along the way, no doubt.

But where do I start? As a general concept I’m looking to build a story-driven party-based RPG. Even at this early stage it’s clear that this isn’t a one a week project. It’s more likely a single step per month kind of project.

I began by looking for inspiration and doing a lot of reading about the process of building a game. Each paragraph that I read asks questions that I don’t have answers for. What platform? What language? What structure? How to handle user interaction? How to manage graphics effectively? 

Given that I can’t answer practically any questions (unless you ask if I like RPGs), I’ve decided that I’m skipping some important steps. Perhaps I need to look at the process of planning a game or perhaps I just need to think before I jump in feet first. 

So tonight is planning night! I prefer to plan with a pen in my hand. So I guess I’ll transcribe or upload that later.

TL;DR Got all keen and wanted to be coding and writing. Not sure what I need to do first – perhaps I’d better plan first?