What am I good at?

In planning my project I’m seeing a need to give careful and objective consideration to my skills and weaknesses. It doesn’t seem logical to set a trajectory for my game, into an area that I can’t hope to accompany it. So here’s the shortlist (keeping in mind that there are definitely people out there who can […]

Where to start?!

I’m going to write a game. Good, bad or indifferent I am going to write it. Start to finish with stumbles along the way, no doubt. But where do I start? As a general concept I’m looking to build a story-driven party-based RPG. Even at this early stage it’s clear that this isn’t a one […]

Ready to keep failing.

Looking back at that initial attempt at writing a game I realise that it was the first time I really felt that I had failed at something. I always did ok at school. I did ok at sport. I was averagely ok at mostly everything. So I didn’t really try and as a result, I […]

The Beginning.

As a kid I always like reading. I liked the concept of video games and would watch my siblings play first-person shootings against each other via serial cable. But unless it was Stunts I’d rather read a book than play a game myself. Christmas of ’96 I was given Heroes of Might and Magic by […]